对寥凡的表演,<纽约时报>专业影评人ANDY WEBSTER 认为他不够给力。

  We spent 3 hours to see on watching the movie “The shawshank redemption”.Honestly speaking,it’s really a moving and instructive movie.In my opinion,it taught me far more than a movie itself that I will use for whole life.
  My first impression about this movie after watching was it’s most like the “PRISON BREAK” which was so popular broadcast now.If you ask me “Who gives you the most deep impression in the movie?”,I should not hesitate a moment to say “ANDY DUFRESEN”.It’s not only because he’s the main role in the movie,but also he showed me so much that I could benefited more than everybody can imagine.
  In the movie, ANDY DUFRESEN was accused of murdering his wife and his lover that he was sent to the prison.Facing the whole life in prison,maybe he felt depressed at first.If I were him I may even not wanna live any longer.It’s not because he must spend all his life in prison,but also he was circumvented.And this is the greatest place that ANDY had.I still rememberd ANDY once said to RED “Hope is a good thing,maybe the best of things,and no good things ever die”The words he said maybe simple,but the meaning was so deep that everyone cannot have anything but hope.Everybody must had hope not only for the future but also for the life whatever it may be.Evidently, ANDY had shown us a perfect example of what hope can make one person do.He finally escaped from the prison and had another life that he hoped so much.It’s this belief,this hope that can him had it done.I learned so much from ANDY,and I will always be hopeful to the life in the future and be brave to face all the difficulties that may happened in the future and had confidence to conquer them.
  There’s on doubt that the second role of the movie must be RED.The best friend of the ANDY after he got into prison and the man who was changed by ANDY’s action.At first,RED didn’t think hope is useful and treat it as a dangerous thing.But after 20 years live together and got to know each other RED changed his idea about hope and hold this useful thing to live in the entire life.However,as the movie shown us,he will live with ANDY and had a really good time.I’m so happy to see this ending.
  Maybe it’s only a movie,but what we can learn from it was beyond our imagination and we will use what we learned for the whole life from the movie.I will always be thankful to the movie had shown us.   

Cumberbatch has Assange off to a tee, but this buddy movie is marred by pastiche
(budy movie is a film genre in which two people of the same sex are paired)

It helps Dali’s cause that he is fluent in Italian, mentions Picasso and “The Taming of the Shrew,” rents a charming villa and tears up in recalling a mentor. But he is underserved by Mr. Liao’s performance, which is more muted than charismatic.

First Night

对汤唯的表演,<纽约时报>专业影评人ANDY WEBSTER 认为汤唯演得很好,无论是在表现这个角色的兴高采烈,忧伤,害羞,还是耍小性子,汤唯不断地为这部电影提供了亮点。

The Fifth Estate
Toronto International Film Festival

But “Only You” is served very well by Ms. Tang (a star of Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution”). Whether playing elated, sorrowful, coy or petulant, she consistently provides the spark the movie could use more of.


Playing Julian Assange in cinema’s long-awaited take on the story of Wikileaks, Benedict Cumberbatch performs a masterclass in mimicry as the awkward Australian. He has the slow, deliberate vocal delivery, the gait and the gesticulations down perfectly. It’s a shame, then, that the performance is let down by some clumsy storytelling that trots out the usual cliche and criticisms of the Wikileaks founders as a socially inept egotist, motived as much by his own celebrity as by a desire to help whistle-blowers.


The Fifth Estate is played out through the friendship and subsequent rivalry of Assange and his fellow website activist Daniel Domscheit-Berg, played by Daniel Bruhl.

危机解密这部电影通篇故事情节是在两位男主角, 朱利安·阿桑奇以及他的朋友(网站建立者之一)丹尼尔·多姆沙伊特-伯格,之间的友情建立直至随后而来的矛盾冲突这一过程而逐渐展开的。其中,丹尼尔·多姆沙伊特-伯格是由德国演员丹尼尔·布鲁赫扮演(豆瓣影人写的出生地是西班牙,我就自以为了。。多谢网友指正)。

Unlike Assange, Domscheit-Berg is depicted as a crusading idealist who is initially enraptured by his counterpart’s desire to stick to the man. But the fact that he is the hero of the piece should come as no surprise given that the film is based partly on Domscheit-Berg’s own memoir about Wikileaks.

和阿桑奇不同的是,丹尼尔·多姆沙伊特-伯格在片中被描述成了一个奋勇向前的理想主义者,并且在最初的时候被阿桑奇的追求所感染而义无返顾地选择支持他。关于丹尼尔在电影里转而化身为了英雄这一情节设置其实并不出乎意料,如果考虑到这部电影本身就是根据丹尼尔·多姆沙伊特-伯格本人出版的关于维基解密的回忆录中的片段而改编的。(书名Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website)

This is classic buddy movie storytelling - the young idealist slowly discovering the foibles and hypocrisy of the flawed master - but the simple characterizations have more in common with the director Bill Condon’s Twilight films than with his more nuanced 2004 biopic of the sex scientist Alfred Kinsey.


Sex is largely off the menu here. Berg is handed a poor love story, in which his forlorn girlfriend Anke, played by Alicia Vikander, is rejected in favour of his desire to help Assange.


There are hints that Assange is too forward with women, but the accusations of sexual abuse in Sweden that have left the activist languishing in the Ecuadorian embassy are not mentioned until the closing titles.


Instead the action deals with the period from 2007 - when Assange met Domscheit-Berg at the Chaos Computer Club annual conference - until their relationship came to an end after Wikileaks’ famous leak of classified American intelligence supplied by the recently jailed Bradley Manning in 2010.

影片选择截取的时间段是从2007年当阿桑奇和伯格在‘电脑捣乱者俱乐部’的年会上相识直到2010年他们的关系因为维基解密最著名的美国机密情报泄密事件而破裂(机密情报的提供者布兰德雷·曼宁今日被捕入狱, 并且转变性别改名为Chelsea Elizabeth Manning ORZ)

As they become friends, we learn more about Assange - his absent father, his mother dating a cult leader when he was 13, and a 19-yeas-old son he hasn’t seen in over a year.

在影片中,当阿桑奇和伯格成为朋友的时候,关于阿桑奇的身世做了较多的描述。观众可以了解到阿桑奇在父亲这一角色缺失的情况下长大,在他十三岁的时候他的妈妈和一个宗教的领袖式的人物有过一段恋情。并且阿桑奇本人也有一个已经一年多时间未曾谋面的19岁儿子(名叫 Daniel Assange, 这难道是阿桑奇和伯格的爱的结晶?!)

David Thewlis, playing the journalist Nick Davis, laments the demise of print journalism and the financial squeeze on quality news reporting.


Yet he also champions the idea that print journalists still have an ethical obligation to protect sources, check stories and not to put lives in danger. It is the one part of the film where Condon ventures into anything other than pastiche.



2B的我今天在报纸上看到后小心翼翼地照下来,回到家里照着手机一个字母一个字母地transcribe,结果等全都打完了上网一搜才发现人家官网上有原文,内容上只有slightly different,可能因为报纸篇幅的关系重新编辑了一下。所以附上链接:

哎呀 也不知道什么时候能上映啊,BC油腻的大白发造型真是虐心啊!!!trailer里最后一幕正儿八经地剪了个头发之后忽然觉得BC终于回归人类外表了!!演丹尼尔这个家伙最近出现率真是高(他也许很有名,但是他在我的观影世界里出现率确实不高),rush里也有他,定睛一看,不就是无耻混蛋里的德国snapper!!我也在原文基础上加了一些我觉得更能有用或者有人有兴趣知道的信息,完全有可能是画蛇添足。